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Motor mounted drives

Energy Saving Drive Package for Decentralized Use

The IE4MD Drive Package consists of a V1000 inverter drive for motor mount and a PM motor. Mounting the inverter drive directly onto the motor makes a cabinet and shielded motor cables unnecessary. Additionally, the motor significantly exceeds energy efficiency of the IE4 grade. This makes the IE4MD Drive Package the easiest solution for saving space, reduce energy consumption and cut down costs.

  • No need for a cabinet. The IE4MD therefore is an economical alternative for new machines. It also performs well for retrofi tting or upgrading of existing machines.
  • The motors are up to 40% smaller than comparable IE4 motors. The compact design and the low weight allow more lightweight and smaller machines.
  • Expensive, shielded cables are not necessary. So new machines can be built economically, existing ones can be upgraded without big effort.
  • Built-in functional safety (STO) replaces motor protection for emergency stop.
  • Perfectly matching components simplify commissioning and ensure best reliability.
  • IE4+ efficiency saves energy, protects the environment and supports machine builders in easily fulfilling the ERP directive.
  • Built-in speed search function for smooth start-up of freely spinning drives and reduces machanical wear; perfect for i.e. fans.
  • Strong torque, also on small speeds.

  • Type Motor mounted drive
    Input Voltage 400 V -15/+10%;
    Performance Range 1.5 ~ 4.0 kW
    Speed 1,500 / 3,000 RPM
    Overload 150% / 1 MIN (HD), 120% / 1 MIN (ND)
    EMC Filter built-in, C1
    Environmental Temperature -10 ~ +40 °C
    Control Inputs 6 digital, 2 analogue (current/voltage),
    1 pulse input
    Control Outputs 1 relay, 1 analogue (current/voltage),
    1 pulse output, 2 photocoupler
    Functional Safety STO (Safe Torque Off), SIL 2, PLd