The GA500 is the start into a new generation of YASKAWA drives for industrial applications. Compact in size and loaded with new features that make the installation and setup simple as never before, the GA500 is the right choice for success in nearly any application.


  • One drive controlling any induction, permanent magnet or synchronous reluctance motor
  • Built in EMC filter, DC choke, braking chopper reduce panel space
  • Easy motor setup without the need for auto-tuning simplifies tuning with connected machinery
  • Effortless Network Integration by support of all major networks with cost effective gateway feature
  • Reduced set-up time with an intuitive keypad, navigation and start-up wizards
  • Keypad with automatic parameter backup function, real time clock, data logger and copy unit
  • Powerful DriveWizard PC tool for drive management, start-up, programming and failure analysis
  • DriveWorksEZ for programming tool for extending functionality by logic programming
  • Cloud-connected DriveWizard Mobile app for drive management on smartphones and tablets.
  • Convenient commissioning by programming without main power from PC or Android Smart Phone
  • Increased safety and reliability with built in STO SIL3 functional safety
  • Side-by-side and heatsink out the back mounting for minimum panel size and optimized cooling
  • Ambient temperature of 50 °C without derating (IP20), max 60°C with derating
  • Meets Global Standards

  • Type Microdrive Industrial Application Inverter Drive
    Rated Voltage 200 to 240 VAC, 1 phase: 0.1 to 3.7 kW, 0.1 to 22 kW
    380 to 480 VAC, 0.2 to 30 kW
    Motor Types Induction Motor (IM), Permanent Magnet Motor (IPM/SPM), Synchronous Reluctance Motor (SynRM)
    Control Sensorless V/f and Vector control, EZVector
    Output Frequency 0 to 590 Hz
    Braking Transistor Integrated
    Ambient Temperature -10 to +50 °C (IP20), -10 to +40 °C (NEMA 1), up to +60 °C with derating
    Protection design IP20 standard, NEMA Type 1-Kit (optional)
    Standards CE, UL, cUL, EAC, REACH, RoHS
    Functional Safety IEC/EN61508 SIL3 (STO), PLe
    Control Inputs 7 digital, 2 analog (1×V/I, 1×V), 1 pulse
    Control Outputs 1 relay, 2 photo coupler, 1 pulse, 1 analog
    Programming Interface Mini-USB on the front cover; digital operator with Bluetooth® (optional)
    Other Options Bluetooth® keypad, Attachment for external heatsink, External EMC filter, Shield clamp kit, AC chokes, Harmonics filter, Output chokes, Braking resistors, Braking modules


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