FSDrive MV1000

FSDrive-MV1000 is equipped with newest technology. It‘s compactness, performance and energy efficiency make it the first choice for cost effective medium voltage solutions.

  • Ultra compact design minimizes mounting space and saves installation and shipping cost
  • Efficiency of ~97% (output/input including transformer) reduces losses to a minimum
  • Power cell concept with multi-level technology keeps input current harmonics low while providing sinewave output voltage without any external filter
  • User-friendly interface identical to the 1000 series low voltage drives, for simple operation, adjustment, and maintenance
  • Equipped with functions unaffected by fluctuations in power supply and load.

Technical Details

Ratings 3 kV 200 kVA to 3700 kVA
6 kV 400 kVA to 7500 kVA
11 kV 660 kVA to 12000 kVA