The YASKAWA L1000A is a special purpose lift inverter drive designed for 3 Million starts at 165% output current. It provides advanced control functions to run induction and PM motor applications in geared or gearless elevator systems.

  • New sensor-less torque compensation function including anti-rollback function, preventing shock and ensures a smooth start
  • New torque ripple suppression function for smooth start/stop and comfortable acceleration and deceleration characteristics
  • Overshoot and anti-vibration control including feed forward function, accel/decel compensation and 5 independent S-curve settings which ensure a perfectly smooth ride.
  • UPS and light-load direction search function provide reliable rescue operation
  • New stationary Auto-Tuning with closed brake and roped elevator
  • Certified functional safety functions  according to EN81-1/2 and EN81-20
  • SIL3 Certificated drive
  • Zero Motor Contactor solution (contactorless)
  • A3 Certiticated
  • Brake monitoring function for UCM
  • CANOpen-Lift  (402 & 417) and DCP (3 & 4) protocol integrated

Technical Details

Type Inverter for Lift Applications
Range 1.5 kW - 110 kW
Max. Motor Output 3~200 VAC, 1.5 kW - 110 kW
3~400 VAC, 1.5 kW - 110 kW
Applicable Motor Induction Motor (IM)
Synchronous Motor (PM)
Control V/f Control
Open Loop Vector (OLV)
Closed Loop Vector (CLV)
Closed Loop Vector (CLV) for PM
Speed control range V/f 1:40
OLV 1:200
CLV 1:1500
PM 1:1500
Torque Control Standard
Max. Output Frequency 200 Hz
Fieldbus Interfaces RS-232C
RS-422/485 (Memobus/Modbus)
Standards CE
ISO/EN 13849-1 Cat. 3 PLe
Enclosure IP20
Functions Integrated brake monitoring according to EN 81-1+A3
DCP3-Interface for easy serial connection with lift controller
Clear text LCD operator now in 11 European languages
Incremental, EnDat and SinCos encoder support and Hiperface
Speed/Torque Control Switching
Energy Saving Function
Slip Compensation
Torque Compensation
Application Parameter Presets
Preventive Maintenance Functions
RS-232C Interface
USB Interface
SIL3 Certificated drive
Zero Motor Contactor solution (contactorless)
CanOpen-Lift (402 & 417) and DCP (3 & 4) protocol integrated