A1000 for Winder

A1000 for Winder is the solution to requirements of rewinder and unwinder systems. Being able to control induction and PM motors in open or closed loop, it allows precise winding of different materials such as textiles, paper, foils, wires and others.


  • For line speeds up to 1500 m/min
  • Accurate motor control for smooth movements assures gentle winding and prevents stretch or material break, especially with sensitive materials
  • Line tension control by direct torque control or by utilizing a dancer or tension cell
  • Built in diameter calculator with memory function for easy start up after power off
  • Static and dynamic friction compensation for precise tension control
  • Excellent winding performance independent of line speed or diameter thanks to self-adapting PID, selfadapting motor control and inertia compensation
  • Adjustable taper function optimizes tension depending on diameter
  • Built in web break detection
  • Application intelligence in the drive reduces requirements for external PLC and I/Os and improves winding performance
  • Cost reduction, reliability improvement and less maintenance by doing away with external sensors for diameter or web break

Technical Details

8 Multi functional digital inputs Sinking/Sourcing mode selectable
External power supply usable (24 VDC)
Multi functional pulse train input (up to 32 kHz) Easy synchronizing with other drives
3 Multi functional analog inputs (Voltage / Current / PTC selectable)
Fault output CO relay output (N. O. and N. C.)
250 VAC 10 mA ... 1A
Functional safety 2 Channel Safe Torque Off (EN ISO 13849-1, PLd)
3 Multi functional photo coupler outputs Relay (N. O. or N. C programmable)
Multi functional pulse train output up to 32 kHz Easy synchronizing with other drives
2 Multi functional analog output (Voltage / Current selectable)
External Device Monitor (EDM) Status for Safe Torque Off function